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Bernard Hering is a Dutch singer-songwriter. He lives in Haarlem, but is born and raised in Zeeland. Bernard began writing songs as soon as he could play a few chords on his guitar at the age of ten. Bernard his records are unique takes on the melodic folk genre, evoke a rust-worn Americana feel, and have at times a pop sound. The stories he tells are about life, dreams, love and about his personal memories. 


After releasing his first single ‘Love Life’ in late 2016, Bernard traveled the world - he played at folk capitol Denver and various other cities in the United States, Indonesia and French Polynesia. After a very inspiring journey, Bernard is ready to share a complete album with the rest of the world, which has resulted in his debut album Pioneer Avenue.


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From the Netherlands, Bernard Hering has captured our musical hearts with the sweet sounds of analog recording. His latest track, “Drive on, drive on,” beholds a fantastic, stripped-back performance that has been captured live via the warm studio gear from yesteryear.

There is nothing quite like a recording that is authentic and free of modern-day, digital artifacts. “Drive on, drive on” is one of those rare productions that sound as warm and heartfelt as a conversation with an old friend, with just an acoustic guitar and Hering’s vocal to tell the story. For the majority of the track, that is exactly what you will get, though Hering has taken the liberty of inviting Len van de Laak to provide some keys in the spaces that the soundscape provides, most notably on the refrains.

Each of the songs on the record were recorded live, without any editing, resulting in one of the most honest performances we have heard in quite some time.


In short, “Drive on, drive on” will not fill a dance floor, but it is bound to fill your thoughts with introspection and your hearts with warm vibes– and, to us, that is exactly what good folk music should do.

"Bernard Hering is convincing on his new single Only a broken heart away. The simple presentation of the artist in contemplation with his guitar has a candid charm. The words escape sheepishly, as he presents them with a sense of vulnerability and hurt that paints this narrative real.


Melodically it bears evidence of traditional folk pioneers like Jackson C Frank with some of the indie adaptation known to sad folksters like Gregory Alan Isakov or The Tallest Man On Earth. 

The tonal design matches the sentiment, as the mix has a vintage analog appeal, with an echo that fills the crevices of this conceptual town theater. In an era of elite production, sometimes simple shines elegant."

"We would like to introduce you to the music of Dutch artist Bernard Hering with his song "Only a Broken Heart Away." If you appreciate handmade, profound, and authentic folk music, you should definitely not miss his newly released single.

This is a dedication to his sister, a song that aims to convey strength and courage through its lyrics. Along with a very emotionally plucked guitar accompaniment, it is mainly the honest and warm voice that makes this completely acoustic track a true listening experience. If you like the style, it is definitely worth waiting for the album, which will be released in September via Concerto Records."


"The first single 'Love Life' is a mid-tempo rocker with, in addition to a Springsteen, also a Jackson Browne feel. The vocals in Iron Trees are beautiful and subdued, accompanied by subtle and excellent backing musicians. Roman Huijbreghs delivers a beautiful lyrical guitar solo in this song. The Battle, which Hering wrote together with Huijbreghs, rocks away nicely with rolling drums, organ, mellotron, and synthesizer."


Bernard Hering knows what he wants, does it and so there is now his first album: Pioneer Avenue. It has become a beautiful Americana album, which is a cross between Bruce Springsteen and John Mellencamp.

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